Our Team

A Message from your Orthodontist …

Dr. Daniela Toro – Board Certified Orthodontist

“Burlington Orthodontics is my second family. Everyone plays such an important role not only in our office but in my life! As soon as you come in you will immediately feel that it is a very friendly environment, we all get along, respect and support each other. I am so lucky to be able to work with such a wonderful group of people! Dr. Fertman, our wonderful team, and I share the same goal, which is to make sure every patient feels welcome and enjoys their treatment in our office. Every patient becomes part of our family.  Thank you for trusting us and for your continuous support referring your family and friends!” Learn More about Dr. Toro

Dr. Arthur Fertman – Orthodontist

“Working with a dedicated staff and engaging patients has turned my “job” into a joy.  And seeing my patients grow and change into happy, confident and smiling individuals is a wonderful and daily experience.” Learn More about Dr. Fertman

Our Outstanding Team

Carol Burlington Orthodontics in Burlington MA

Carol S.

Office Manager

“After having three children who had braces with Burlington Orthodontics I was thrilled at the opportunity to join the team. I had witnessed firsthand what a professional, caring group they are. They always went out of their way to make sure my children were comfortable with the Orthodontic experience. I enjoy the kids, the parents and most of all the team I work with day to day.”

Karin Burlington Orthodontics in Burlington MA

Karin M.

Insurance Coordinator

“I was sitting in the waiting room one day when I overheard Dr. Fertman was looking for someone to handle the insurance. I applied for the mothers hours position and started the very next week. I thought I’d be here a year, maybe two. I am still here even though my youngest child is in college because I love the people. Burlington Orthodontics it’s truly a second family.”

Gabriela Burlington Orthodontics in Burlington MA

Gabriela T.

Financial Coordinator

Thinking about the future and realizing I would soon become an empty nester, I heard a call from my sister, Dr. Toro, to come and give an extra hand at the office and here I am!! Very happy to be here and be part of this wonderful and caring group of people.

Judith Burlington Orthodontics in Burlington MA

Judith O.

Orthodontic Assistant

“I really love working at Burlington Orthodontics. Our priority is to deliver high quality care to our patients and create beautiful and functional smiles. We have an incredible team who works with great camaraderie and truly care for our patients and for each other. Its always fun to come to work.”

“Gigi” is a foreign trained dentist from Venezuela who in the future will like to be an Orthodontist. She is bilingual and in her free time she enjoys baking, traveling and spending time with her husband Roberto and their beagle Mia.

Angelia Burlington Orthodontics in Burlington MA

Angelia C.

Orthodontic Assistant

I’ve always had a strong interest in Orthodontics ever since I graduated from Dental Assisting school 6 years ago. It was nearly impossible to find an orthodontic office hiring though when FINALLY an opportune moment arose with Burlington Orthodontics.

I’m so privileged to be a part of this family as they make every day enjoyable to be at ‘work’. I look forward to coming in every morning knowing I’ll have a first-class team to work beside, that stays positive, encouraging & brings a great sense of humor to help the days fly by!

When I’m not with my Dental family, I enjoy spending my free time reading, cooking, being with my turtle Diego and cat Sylvester & being out in nature with my fiancé Roberto.

Savana Burlington Orthodontics in Burlington MA

Savana G.


I am a student at Shawsheen Valley Tech High School that has been working with Burlington Orthodontics for my cooperative education program for over a year. I have always had an interest in orthodontics.

When I was presented with the opportunity to be part of the Burlington Orthodontics team, I was ecstatic to start my career in dentistry with such an amazing group of people and doctors who genuinely care about patients and their treatment.